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The Environmental Health Science's DNA Lab offers a variety of laboratory services using DNA Technologies..

Visiting the Lab

Students and Researchers at all levels work in the lab. People often visit my lab to develop or genotype microsatellite loci and more recently, to learn DNA capture techniques.


Some of these services include development of microsatellite and SNP loci, 3RAD, RADcap and custom capture probes and genotyping by sequencing services.



Learn about the integrated Adapterama sample preparation system for Illumina sequencing.


Peer-reviewed publications from our lab and collaborations.


Protocols we have developed or use are posted as PDF files.

Oligos and Services

Order aliquots of the oligos we developed and use in our lab, or have members of our team process your samples.

Current Research

Some of our current research projects are outlined here.


Our Taggi-Matrix fusion primer method is now easily accessible here.

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This website helps make our research available to students and researchers around the world. If you are using our resources please cite us. Thank you!

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